Monday, November 20, 2017

South Pacific Air War
Volume 1
The Fall of Rabaul
December 1941 - March 1942

Friday, November 17, 2017

Dunkirk Air Combat Archive.
21 May - 2 June 1940, Operation
Dynamo. SC $60
 Classic Series No.28: Focke-Wulf
FW 200 - The Condor at War 1939-1945.
HB $125
Classic Series No.29: V2 - The A4
Rocket From Peenemunde to
Redstone: Design - Development -
Operations. HB $125

Saturday, November 11, 2017

AW18 - Army Wheels in Detail
 Scammell Pioneer: SV2S Tractor Heavy Breakdown 6x4, Tank Transporter TRMU/30, R100 Heavy Artillery Tractor

Frog-7 in Detail:
Luna-M Tacticle Missile on ZiL-135 Carrier G055 Photo Manual

Strela S10 in Detail:
Russian SA-13 Gopher AA System G050 Photo Manual

Friday, November 10, 2017

 U-Boats off Bermuda: Patrol
Summaries and Merchant Ship
Survivors Landed in Bermuda
1940 - 1944.
HB $55
 The Splintered Empires: The Eastern
Front 1917-21. HB $55
 Spitfire Singh - A True Life
of Relentless Adventure.
SC $25
Monte Cassino, January - May
1944: The Legend of the Green
Devils. HB $43

Friday, November 3, 2017

 The Autobiography, or Narrative
of a Soldier: The Peninsular War
Memoirs of William Brown of
the 45th Foot.
SC $40
Famous Russian Aircraft:
Mikoyan Mig-19.
Crecy Publishing HB $99
Paradise in Chains: The Bounty
 Mutiny and the Founding 
 of Australia.
HB $38

Monday, October 30, 2017

Frank Whittle
The Invention of the Jet

The Berlin Airlift
The Relief Operation that
Defined the Cold War

No Front Line
Australia's Special Forces
at War in Afghanistan

Strange But True Tales of Car Collecting

The Complete Illustrated History of
The Blackbird
The World's Highest, Fastest Plane

Friday, October 27, 2017

 New Osprey Campaign No.315.
The Hindenburg Line 1918, Haig's
Forgotten Triumph.
SC $33
 New Osprey Combat Soldier No.28.
German Soldier vs Soviet Soldier,
Stalingrad 1942-43.
SC $30
New Osprey Warrior No.182.
Roman Legionary 109-58 BC: The
Age of Marius, Sulla and Pompey
The Great. SC $26
 New Osprey X-Planes No.5.
TSR2 Britain's Lost Cold War
Strike Jet. SC $27
New Osprey Duel No.82.
B-29 Superfortress vs Ki-44 'Tojo'
Pacific Theater 1944-45.
SC $30
New Osprey Campaign No.314.
Nashville 1864, From the
Tennessee to the Cumberland.
SC $33
 New Osprey Weapon No.58.
The 'Broomhandle' Mauser.
SC $31
 New Osprey Elite No.220.
European Counter-Terrorist
Units 1972-2017.
SC $24
New Osprey New Vanguard No.251.
US Navy Escort Carriers 1942-45.
SC $25
 USS Constitution: A
Midshipman's Pocket Manual 1814.
HC $17
 The Sea Devil: The
Adventures of Count Felix von Luckner
the Last Raider Under Sail.
HC $38
Pacific Thunder: The US Navy's
Central Pacific Campaign, August
1943-October 1944.
HC $44
 Air Force Blue - The RAF in
World War Two.
SC Edition $36
Monash & Chauvel: How
Australia's Two Greatest Generals
Changed the Course of World History.
SC $35

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Some great new release titles we have just unpacked this week.🎈

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Black Watch: Fighting in
the Front Line 1899-2006.
HB $88 
 The Army of James II 1685-1688:
The Birth of the British Army. Century
of the Soldier No.16
SC $55
 Civil War London: A Military
History of London Under Charles I
and Oliver Cromwell. Century
of the Soldier No.17
SC $38
Britain's Scenic Railways - The
Waverley Route.
HB $46
 Collins Little Books - Scottish
Castles. SC $18
 Boko Haram - Nigeria's
Islamist Insurgency.
SC $29
The Black Prince.
HB $55

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Militarfahrzeug Spezial No 5069 Panzer Task Force

Militar Fahrzeug - 4/2017

Tankograd - Missions & Manoeuvres No. 7030 -
 Finnland's Maavoimat - Vehicles of the Modern Finish Army


Naval Archives
 Vol 5 - 92005

Tankograd - Militarfahrzeug Spezial No 5070 - Leopard 2A6:
The German Leopard 2A6 Main Battle Tank Development - Description - Technology

Tankograd - Militarfahrzeug Spezial No 5071 - Leopard 2A6:
The German Leopard 2A6 Main Battle Tank In Action and Variants 2A6A1 / 2A6M / 2A6MA1 / 2A6M+

Tankograd American Special No. 3031
MTVR Tactical Truck of the US Marines

Tankograd Militar Fahrzeug - Special No. 4006 
 Panzerkampfwagen IV in Kampfeinsatz - Panzerkampfwagen IV in Combat

SMI Library 1319013 B-25J Mitchell in Combat of Pacific and CBI 

Libary of Armed Conflicts 01:
Air Combat During Arab-Israeli Wars